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All State Line Marking Australia Services are industry leaders in the development and implementation of line marking & safety solutions. We specialize in the application of Waterborne Paint, Preform Thermoplastic, Audio Tactile Markings (ATLM), Raised Pavement Markers (RPM’s) and Paint Removal. From standard hand held units to automated thermoplastic equipment, All state have the equipment, skill & experience to accommodate any size project.  Australia Day or Night.


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All State has also introduced their latest purchase in the market which is known as Ken Worth Water Blaster designed for efficient line removal tasks. This particular U.S designed and manufactured unit can easily remove line marks from road without damaging the surface of asphalt. It is regarded one of the latest tools used for line marking. Presently, there are many projects of road line marking which are still uncompleted. The reason is that the intended service providers fail to make use of the latest equipment and tools as utilised by All State firm. Let’s us have a look at some of the projects to know of their working status.





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